About Us

About Us
Devolld™ started in 1987 with the simple idea of our Master Carpenter, Fatmir Devolli. It was his love for woodworking and cabinetry. His passion for details and the love of his craft trickles down into all of the work that is done within the company, we remain dedicated and motivated by the added value that drives us with each project and every happy customer.

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Bekim berisha , Pejë, Kosovo

+383 49 371 266


Adults and Childrens Bedrooms

A good day is seen in the morning, a good morning comes from a good night’s sleep! A cozy bedroom is the best ending, no matter what the day brings. Share your dream with us and sit back as we make each individual piece of furniture to complete the room of your dreams. With a wide assortment of colors, and a large pallet of ideas when it comes to beds, wardrobes and make-up tables, the perfect combination is just waiting for you to make the choice! What would you like your bedroom to feel like? Let us know Contact Us .